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Hosting costs

  • Basic
    • 1 000 Mb of space on the SSD
    • 5 sites in account
    • 2 MySQL
    • 10 mailboxes
    • 2 FTP
    • 1 POP3, IMAP, WebMail
    • traffic
    • Discount
      6 month 59 ₴ 354 ₴
      12 month 59 ₴ 708 ₴
      24 month 59 ₴ 1416 ₴
    • Compare
  • Popular
    • 3 000 Mb of space on the SSD
    • 10 sites in account
    • 5 MySQL
    • 20 mailboxes
    • 5 FTP
    • 1 POP3, IMAP, WebMail
    • traffic
    • Discount
      6 month 89 ₴ 534 ₴
      12 month 89 ₴ 1068 ₴
      24 month 89 ₴ 2136 ₴
    • Compare
  • Premium
    • 10 000 Mb of space on the SSD
    • 20 sites in account
    • 10 MySQL
    • 40 mailboxes
    • 10 FTP
    • 1 POP3, IMAP, WebMail
    • traffic
    • Discount
      6 month 109 ₴ 654 ₴
      12 month 109 ₴ 1308 ₴
      24 month 109 ₴ 2616 ₴
    • Compare
  • Max
    • 30 000 Mb of space on the SSD
    • 50 sites in account
    • 50 MySQL
    • mailboxes
    • 50 FTP
    • 1 POP3, IMAP, WebMail
    • traffic
    • Discount
      6 month 189 ₴ 1134 ₴
      12 month 189 ₴ 2268 ₴
      24 month 189 ₴ 4536 ₴
    • Compare
Free testing for 7 days
Appreciate the simplicity, reliability and convenience of our virtual hosting with trial period
Testing is available for individuals on the Basic_Test (7 days) tariff plan

Advantages of hosting from Adamant

  • Flexible tariff policy - tariff plans have been developed for both beginners and demanding users
  • Simple execution of all operations using a convenient control panel - domain registration, FTP, mailboxes, databases and DNS records
  • Simple execution of all operations using a convenient control panel - domain registration, FTP, mailboxes, databases and DNS records
  • Information backup, storage time of copies up to 62 days
  • SSD-based NAS
  • Technical support 24/7/365

Have you decided to buy a hosting to launch your site in the World Wide Web? For a web resource to work smoothly, it is not necessary to pay big money. It is enough to choose an inexpensive reliable hosting with a responsive and round-the-clock support service.

We offer Ukrainian hosting, which includes

  • Convenient DirectAdmin and CPanel control panels
  • Management of sites and services from one account: DNS, email, SSL certificates
  • Support of MySQL 5.5, MariaDB 10.3 and PHP 5.2 -8.0
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL and SNI support

Renting a fast and reliable hosting is the key to the success of your website

Modern virtual hosting, like a website, must meet the increased requirements of users. By accepting a request, quickly process requests and instantly load pages of your site. According to research, a user will not visit your resource if his pages open for more than 3−4 seconds. Perhaps this is the most important criterion when choosing a hosting for business.

To meet modern requirements To increase reliability and speed, only high-quality and fault-tolerant Hewlett-Packard server hardware, reliable Intel processors and SSD data storage are used to ensure fast virtual hosting.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a rewritable storage device without moving mechanisms. The absence of moving mechanisms reduces the risk of breakage. Such a disk resembles a USB flash drive, only with a large amount of memory. Reliable server hardware with good scalability is an essential part of fast SSD hosting.

Support for modern technologies makes it possible to use:

  • PHP versions 5.2.x — 5.6.x., 7. x — 8.0.x., with modules Zend Optimizer, ionCube Loader and cURL library;
  • MySQL 5.1+ databases with phpMyAdmin management interface;
  • Access to access- and error-logs;
  • Website visit statistics Webalizer, Awstats;
  • Softaculous automatic installation of scripts), which will allow you to install any of the popular content management systems (eg Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and others).

Secure hosting is the guarantee of the security of your site

In our time, secure hosting is a rather ambiguous concept, since Internet attackers have the ability to hack even public resources. Therefore, to achieve complete guaranteed security is a rather difficult task and certainly not cheap. But Adamant specialists have secured themselves and their services as far as possible. And even with a non-standard hacking attempt, our round-the-clock support is ready to quickly fix the problem manually.

Round the clock qualified technical support works for you seven days a week 24/7/365!

Virtual hosting provides for data storage in cloud servers, which excludes their loss under the most adverse circumstances.

Below are all the standard methods of hosting protection that we provide in our tariffs.

Data center and backup

Reliable data storage starts with physical protection. A secure data center is protected from external influences, equipped with two independent inputs from the network and an autonomous input from a diesel generator. Only security guards and employees have access to the premises. Each server and storage cabinets are protected by cooling systems and fire protection installations. Backup (back up) occurs daily and, in the event of a breakdown of one node, the second saves information.

Passwords and Fail2Ban

If you try to hack your account, DirectAdmin will trigger a secure password system. After three incorrect attempts, the IP address will be blocked. The Fail2Ban software is needed to prevent brute-force attacks.


The main role of antivirus software is to scan incoming and outgoing files from the system. The program allows you to centrally monitor the security of your sites on servers. Antivirus will protect your data when installing any tariff plan.

SSL certificate

SSL is an online certificate that verifies the validity of a website and is a security protocol for providing encrypted communication between a server and a browser. Every Adamant plan includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Convenient hosting control panels

Hosting rental is necessary for anyone who wants to place their product on the Internet. But for this you need to familiarize yourself with the control panel — the interface through which the work with the site is configured. The panel is intuitive, as it is equipped with a simple menu with buttons, tips and other controls.

Our tariffs provide several hosting control panels to choose from:

  • DirectAdmin is the most common and easy to understand panel that does not require a lot of resources, also offers three types of access (administrator, user, reseller), supports different operating systems, and most importantly, it has a free trial.
  • cpanel — suitable for PRO-users and beginners, for large websites and small projects, offers three levels of access, provides round-the-clock technical support and many diverse management functions;

After registering and choosing a panel, check out the Cron Jobs scheduler. This utility is used to run pending or scheduled tasks. Cron Jobs is an important tool for automating repetitive and routine tasks.

Professional hosting from Adamant Data Center

If you want to buy cheap hosting and domain, contact Adamant. Our company has been on the market for more than 30 years, so it keeps up with the times. Success in the development of the company is achieved through solidarity, professionalism and the choice of the best technical equipment.

Our employees provide round-the-clock technical support to users, offer updates and novelties to regular customers.

Hosting price from Adamant

Тарифний планPrice
Basic 59.00₴
Plus 89.00₴
Premium 109.00₴
Max 189.00₴

The best hosting is Adamant!

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