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Fiber-optic channels from Adamant in Kiev and Ukraine

Order an Internet connection with a speed from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps

For all connection options, you will get access to UA-IX resources at the highest possible speed

What advantages are you going to get?

  • Guaranteed speed of Internet access

  • Online solutions for any business task

  • Fast and high-quality access to any extra services

  • Remote connectivity

  • Connection speed from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Adamant will help to build a fiber optic network for your company!

An integrated solution from Adamant: design, equipment delivery, installation and support

How we are working?

  • Explore the site

  • Perform installation and start-up

  • Test installed system

  • Develop a complete set of technical documentation

  • Provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment

  • Provide service support for all elements of the system

A quality and reliable solution from Adamant

Adamant has its own extensive fiber-optic network. It is continuously expanded by our specialists to provide users with even more high-level services.

For corporate clients, we use fiber optic channels for the ‘last mile’. This will give your organization an opportunity to create its own Intranet based on the Adamant FO network.

This solution, linking corporate offices and branches into a single complex, enables high-speed protected access to corporate resources and the Internet as well. Efficiency, reliability and security of the connection are at par with those of a local network.

Adamant uses fiber-optic channels to build home networks, which allows individual users to get not only high-speed Internet access but also IP-telephony services, IPTV, Triple play and, of course, access to Adamants’s in-house network.

You are still not sure what to choose?

Fiber-optic channels are one of the most promising communication methods. The bandwidth capacity of fiber optics is an order of magnitude higher than that of copper wire cable.

Fiber optics is immune to external interference, which eliminates the typical problems of copper-based communication systems. Fiber optic networks can transmit a signal over long distances with virtually no loss. The quality of our work is confirmed by state licenses.

Holding licenses for design and construction of communication, signaling, radio, television and information systems, Adamant is growing the volume and quantity of services, which ensures an effective development of the network.

Adamant network coverage map