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Private secure cloud server

Placing resources in G-Cloud ADAMANT - reliable protection of protected information, protected by the state

Placing resources in G-Cloud ADAMANT - reliable protection of protected information, protected by the state

The cloud is about convenience, speed and versatility

Cloud technology has already significantly changed our lives, more and more businesses and other structures are moving to the clouds.

According to the foreign experience, the use of cloud technologies in government agencies has great prospects. For example, the well-known «Cloud first» strategy, which was founded in the USA, showed itself impressively. Although at the first stages there was a fear of switching to new systems and methods of work, but the result was worth it.

The United States and most European countries are now using a large percentage of governments cloud technology. However, there are just a few examples of the successful applying of cloud computing in Ukraine, namely in state projects such as HELSI, Prozorro.

The use of the cloud in government structures has a number of advantages. In the first place, it allows not to purchase servers for data storage or to accumulate archives, and as result this will reduce the large costs of the budget. Also, this technology ensures a high speed of service implementation, mobility, and availability of services from anywhere in the country.

That is why ADAMANT offers cloud computing services to government entities. ADAMANT received a certificate of conformity «State Special Communications» at the beginning of 2022, and presented a new service G-Cloud ADAMANT for government agencies.

ADAMANT data centers are located exclusively in Ukraine. By choosing G-Cloud ADAMANT, you will be able to customize a secure Internet Access Host according to your requirements, placing and duplicating the Cloud in several geographical areas.

G-Cloud ADAMANT will provide you with:

  • reliable data protection, which corresponds to the TIER-III level;
  • virtual machines with the possibility of installation of the full range of available on the market OS; with the possibility of online replication; with the possibility of combined use of high-speed and «slow» data storage systems;
  • 10 Gbit/s data transfer rate;
  • availability from 99.7% (depending on the selected reservation);
  • performance vCPU from 2.50GHz.

Therefore, using G-Cloud ADAMANT, you get the ability to:

  • protecting the integrity and accessibility of information;
  • blocking unauthorized actions and protecting information resources from unauthorized access and modification of data;
  • registration of attempts to implement information threats and notification of security administrators;
  • replication and backup of information.

Popular questions

  • What is G-Cloud ADAMANT?

    G-Cloud ADAMANT - ADAMANT Private Secure Cloud is designed to host resources on the Internet using virtualization, the ability to build a virtual data center (VDC) in compliance with the norms of a comprehensive information protection system (IPS) and

  • Advantages of hosting resources in ADAMANT's G-Cloud

    • Location of Cloud segments exclusively in Ukraine
    • Individual configuration of the secure node of Internet access (SVED) according to the requirements of each user
    • Redundancy of resources in all points of the Cloud
    • Multiple redundancy of channels of Internet access
    • Flexible configuration and management of leased infrastructure

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