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What ensures the reliability of my server?

All premises are equipped with a centralized system of access control, alarm and video surveillance. In order to prevent fire, the server premises are equipped with an automatic gas fire extinguishing system.

The total electric power allocated for the needs of the data centre is 200 kW and is supplied to it by two separate inputs with redundancy according to the 1+1 scheme. The power supply system also includes a 305 kVA generator set and is fully automated. Power supply of customer equipment is provided by the UPS; each cabinet is equipped with two inputs of 6 kW from different UPS with separate metering of electricity consumption. If necessary, individual configuration of the power supply system for an individual customer is possible.

Cooling of customer equipment is provided by an automated air conditioning system with redundancy of components according to the N+1 scheme. The high efficiency of the system is due to the allocation of cold and hot corridors and minimization of air flow between them.