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Streaming media

Media servers for online broadcasting

  • Popular
    Web conference
    • Holding conferences, presentations or meetings from your workplace
    • Mobile support
    • No additional software
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    Live stream
    • Single/multi-camera streaming events on popular video platforms
    • Stream to your own video platform
    • Including presentations, captions, graphics into the stream
    • Connection of remote participants
    • Recording and post-processing of materials
  • Popular
    Media streaming
    • 24/7/365 internet broadcasts for radio and TV
    • Real-time broadcast media servers
  • Video conferencing
    • Selection of equipment compatible with the remote party
    • Carrying out preliminary tests
    • Rent a studio with the necessary equipment

Endless multimedia possibilities

  • A professional studio is available for our clients
  • Holding online meetings without additional equipment
  • Broadcast from anywhere and location
  • Any hardware and software solution for broadcasting

Video is the main source of information for modern people

Streaming multimedia is the best choice for business!

Are you also looking for a reliable and efficient way to broadcast your online content to a wide audience?

No wonder, as streaming multimedia has gained great popularity in recent years, as it allows you to watch any video or audio content without having to download it in full. And this format is very popular with a wide audience.

Streaming media is the transmission of multimedia content, such as video, audio, or interactive media, over the Internet in the form of a continuous stream of data. Instead of downloading large media files to a device and playing them locally, streaming media allows users to watch or listen to content in real time as it is transmitted over the Internet.

Streaming media typically works by breaking a media file into small data packets that are then transmitted over the Internet and reassembled on the user’s device in real time. This allows users to access and consume media content without having to wait for the entire file to download.

Streaming media can be used in a variety of contexts. The main areas of use include:

  • Business — streaming can be used for business purposes such as web conferencing, live product demonstrations, and virtual events;
  • Entertainment — streaming multimedia has long been widely used in this niche to broadcast movies, TV shows, or music;
  • Education — streaming media can be used on online learning platforms to deliver video lectures, webinars, and other educational content;
  • News — many organizations use streaming to broadcast live news;
  • Sports — for broadcasting sporting events such as football matches, basketball games, or any other sport;
  • Advertising — streaming media can be used for video ads on social networks;
  • Games — streaming media is used in the gaming industry for live broadcasts of games, game trailers, and any other content.

You can implement streaming multimedia with ready-made solutions from Adamant! We offer a range of services for broadcasting real-time video/audio content for various industries:

  • Web conferencing
  • Live stream
  • Media streaming
  • Video conferencing

If necessary, we will help you implement all the necessary conditions and any hardware and software solutions for your broadcasts. We will help you choose the right equipment and test it to ensure that everything works at its best. Our software solutions will definitely provide the highest quality streaming media. You will also be able to customize the quality of the broadcast to give your viewers the best possible viewing experience, and even add a number of interactive features.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your online audience or a content creator looking to share your videos with a wider audience, Adamant can help you achieve your goals. With easy-to-use software and reliable hardware, you can create a professional broadcast experience that will captivate and engage your audience.

So choose the right service from Adamant, and our experts will contact you shortly to discuss the details. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your online broadcasting to the next level. Invest in streaming media today and start reaching a global audience with your content!