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About Adamant

ADAMANT is one of the first Internet companies in Ukraine.

Adamant is your confidence in the Future

At the onset of its existence (January 1991) the company was styled as the Small Enterprise Ariadna Firm and it took an active part in the creation of the Internet market in Ukraine. In August 1991, the first Internet host of the Small Enterprise Ariadna Firm was put into operation. Representatives of the enterprise took an active part in the preparation for registration of the .UA domain.

In 1992, the Small Enterprise Ariadna Firm was reorganized into the Private Firm Adamant. In the same year, a mark for goods and services Adamant was filed for registration. Now the trademark Adamant has registration in all classes.

Adamant was one of the first Internet companies to be established in Ukraine

Adamant was one of the first Internet companies in Ukraine to launch transmission of television and radio programs on the Internet in late 90's. It also created its own satellite teleport.

In 1999, Adamant, together with journalist Sergei Naboka, who was then editor-in-chief of the joint press center Vybory-99, implemented Ukraine’s first Internet project to promote discussion of the election campaign on the Internet, Elections 99. The most senior officials of the State and the candidates for the Presidency of Ukraine took part in the chat (forum) of this project.

In 1999, to make it more convenient for its subscribers, the company introduces prepaid plans for dial-up access to the Internet.

Adamant is one of thosee who initiated creation of the Ukrainian Internet exchange point (UA-IX).

While there is a range of factors contributing to the successful development of the company, key to it is a team spirit and top-notch professionalism. Thanks to these qualities, Adamant’s personnel has earned a well-deserved reputation among the colleagues and partners of the company.

Adamant’s technological infrastructure enables implementation of any projects in the field of telecommunications, software and technical alike, and provide an integrated approach to service delivery. The company’s specialist staff have used equipment from the world’s leading vendors, as well as its own technological developments, reliability and scalability to create a modern network infrastructure, reliability and scalability being its main advantages. Multiple redundancy of all critical areas, round-the-clock technical monitoring of the state of all base points and main channels ensures continuous operation of the company’s network.

Adamant group of companies is a reliable platform for your business

To support further development, using new approaches and services, the telecommunications company Adamant provided a foundation for the creation of a group of companies that includes high-tech enterprises
  • Adamant, a system solutions operator and a telecom service provider

    • system integration;
    • creation of secure data centers (DC);
    • organization and construction of fiber-optic networks and NGN-networks;
    • provision of data transmission channels and access to the Internet for corporate users and providers using both their own networks andoverlayednetworks within Ukraine.
  • Adamant-Telecom, Adamant Service,and Adamant-Communications ISPs

    • with N + N redundancy level;
    • total throughput and external interconnect at a speed of more than 40 Gbit/s;
    • 24/7 technical support.
  • Adamant-DS, a telematic service operator

    • Domain Name Registration;
    • e-mail services;
    • VPS;
    • hosting;
    • colocation;
    • webcasts;
    • protection against DDoS attacks.

Reliability symbol

Precise and fine teamwork of the Adamant group of companies, its highest quality services have earned recognition to Adamant, which has been a hallmark of reliability in the telecommunications market of Ukraine for more than a quarter of a century. Tens of thousands of users have made their choice in its favor — private individuals, SMEs, Ukrainian and foreign NGOs, government agencies, foreign embassies, investment and insurance companies, banks, corporate representatives of well-known brands, media, to name a few.

That’s why the Adamant trademark has been named a winner in multiple national and international competitions. The company has been awarded the commemorative diplomas of the Ukrainian Quality Association, the Silver Quality diploma, made the winner of the Golden Trademarks National Competition, the Public Recognition Fund; it is a holder of a large number of certificates and awards of recognition gratitudes from UUIE, InAU, Chamber of Commerce and Trade, ICC, and bodies of local government.

The Adamant group of companies is performing various public activities. The group’s companies are members of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Internet Associations of Ukraine and other public associations.

The fast-paced development of the telecommunications market carries new challenges and calls for new approaches and methods of doing business. The Adamant Group does not rest on the laurels, continuing to search for innovative development and expansion of its activities.

The Old Slavonic word ‘Adamant' translates as ‘diamond'.

This interpretation matches the versatile activities of the company, its transparency and high quality of services.