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I can't connect to your ftp server, what should I do?

I can’t connect to your ftp server, what should I do?

For example, we are talking about the website somesite.com.ua. First of all, make sure:

  • that the login and password are specified correctly (the case of letters matters);
  • You have direct access to the Internet (i.e. without proxy servers, etc.), to clarify this point, You may contact Your system administrator.
  • If both conditions are met, try enabling passive mode in the ftp client or using another ftp client.

If these recommendations do not help, provide in the ticket through the client’s office additional information about the problem:

  • Your IP address (you can find out on the website 2ip. ua)
  • a literal error message issued by Your ftp client when connecting to the server
  • the result of the ping somesite.com.ua command
  • login and password used to connect to the server.