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Connect the Internet and TV in Kiev

Connect the Internet and television in Kiev: Darnitsa, Kharkovskaya, Poznyaki, Osokorki

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    Connecting to the Internet

    Internet and TV in one package

    Connecting home Internet and TV separately can be expensive on the budget. That's why we've created advantageous tariff plans that will help you save the family budget and still receive services of excellent quality: unlimited high-speed home Internet and modern interactive digital TV.

    Internet + TV, why is it profitable?

    • First, you get services and bills from one company, and you don't need to pay for different bills, which are already very numerous in paying for utilities.
    • Secondly, you will always be aware of all the new events, promotions, and drawings. You can even get a discount on home internet and television services.
    • Thirdly, there are no hidden fees, all payments and withdrawals are reflected in the Personal Cabinet of the user. The company conducts a transparent business.
    • And the most important advantage is the company's service and technical support, which works all year round, weekdays and holidays, 24 hours a day.

    Connect home Internet and TV in Kiev is possible from ADAMANT provider

    After all, for 30 years of success and experience in the market of Ukraine, we offer our customers only the best solutions that are really profitable and satisfy even the most demanding user.

    For example, previously film lovers had to subscribe to several subscriptions in order to select the movies to their taste and budget. Now, with our subscription packages, you can watch more movies with your family without overpaying. Our tariff packages take into account the needs and wishes of the young and the old, allowing the whole family to connect a computer, laptop, tablet, TV, smartphone, console and enjoy the navigation in the World Wide Web, while watching your favorite shows, movies, interviews, news, and more.

    Creating the tariffs we took into account the speed of access to the Internet up to 100 Mbit per second and up to 1000 Mbit, which also differ in the number of channels.

    The cost of connecting the Internet and television in the apartment is conditionally free: only 1 hryvnia.

    To order home connection Internet + TV it is enough to choose the tariff above and order through our website. And you can also write to us by e-mail hnet@adamant.ua, in Viber or Telegram to the number 0502554411 (only for text messages) or call (050/063/068) 255 44 11.

    Popular questions about internet connection

    What are the features of these tariff plans?

    If you connect to any of the plans, you get a high-speed Internet connection and the ability to watch the best channels in HD quality, stop the air, record shows, rewind ads, and much more.

    In what tariff package will I be able to watch soccer?

    Do not miss the exciting soccer events, watch in HD live broadcasts of the matches of the Europa League and the Champions League. We also remind you that you can watch several matches online simultaneously on one or several devices.

    On tariffs «Mega Oll + football» and «Giga Oll + football», you can pause the match broadcast online and watch again the moment you are interested in. Support your favorite teams!

    On what devices may I watch TV?

    On TV sets and media STBs you can use special applications for Smart TV or Android TV, and for iOS and Android tablets and phones you can download apps from Play Market and AppStore. It is also possible to watch via a browser on PCs and laptops.