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Rules for providing the "Trust Credit" service

The «Trust Credit» service is an opportunity to use the Internet access service for a certain period of time without making a prepayment for such use.

  1. A customer who does not have enough cash funds to pay for the Internet access service on the first day of the month may activate the «Trust Credit» service through the personal account.
  2. The «Trust Credit» service is provided from the 1st to the 14th of the current month without paying a subscription fee.
  3. By activating the «Trust Credit» service, the Customer confirms receipt of the Service in full in accordance with his/her Tariff plan.
  4. Access to the Internet to the Customer who has not paid the subscription fee in full before the expiration of the «Trust Credit» service, will be disabled until the payment for the Service.
  5. The Customer who has used the «Trust Credit» service, but has not paid for Internet access, shall be automatically transferred to the «Port support» service in the next month.
  6. When switching from the «Port support» service, the Customer should have a positive balance in order to be able to use the «Trust Credit» service.
  7. The «Trust Credit» service shall be activated automatically before the first working day, if the first days of the month fall on holidays or weekends. If necessary, the subscriber has the opportunity to activate the service in the personal account in accordance with the terms of para. 2.

If the Customer has a debt, including for the «Trust Credit» and «Port Support» services for six months, the company has the right to transfer debt collection to third parties.