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How do I create a subdomain for a domain name?

How do I create a subdomain for a domain name?

You should first check the NSs (Nameservers) that are configured in the personal account for the domain name: >> select the section called «Domains», >> then click on the wrench icon >> next to the desired domain, then go to the «Name-servers» section.

If NSs (Nameservers) are set by default: ns.adamant.net., ns3.adamant.net., ns5.adamant.net., then A-record of the sub-domain should be added/changed in the personal account.

Otherwise, when NSs (Nameservers) are set different from the above, and they send the domain name to any other server, then it will be necessary to configure A-record of the sub-domain in the control panel on that hosting where they direct it.

1. Log in to Your personal account
2. Choose the service «Domain names«
3. Next to Your domain name, select «Manage your domain«
4. Select a menu item «DNS management«
5. On the page that appears, select «Add record«
6. Enter the subdomain name into the Name field
7. Field type is «А»
8. In the field «RDATA» enter the ip address of the hosting server
9. Click «Add record«
10. Confirm Your changes by clicking «Save changes«