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The «Giguy Hypo» promotion for new connections and for those who want a faster tariff

  • 31.08.2022, 06:32
  • 53799
The company’s new and existing subscribers can take advantage of the «Giguy Hypovo» promotion in multi-storey buildings operating on PON technology
The «Giguy Hypo» promotion for new connections and for those who want a faster tariff

Regulations for the «Giguy Hypowo» promotion

1. Target group of action participants:

1.1. Connect the service in multi-storey buildings operating on PON technology:

  • potential customers and existing customers of Adamant Group, who will apply during the period from September 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022 to connect to the Internet in order to switch to a higher-speed tariff plan for Internet access or to switch to the most advanced GPON technology;
  • subscribers who terminated the service contract more than 3 months ago without arrears and are not covered by the Exceptions, in accordance with Section 3 of these Regulations.

1.2 Campaign period: 3 months.

2. The essence of the action and the conditions of the action:

2.1. For subscribers listed in Section 1, the current tariff plan at the promotional price:

Name of tariff plan Speed, Mbit/sec tariff plan cost, UAH/month The cost of the promotional price, UAH/month Campaign period, months
Hype-Giga* до 1000 285,00 255,00 3
  • * upon new connection, upon switching from Unlim-Mega tariff plan, upon switching to the most advanced GPON technology.

    2.2 Any person over 18 years of age whose legal capacity is not limited by the current legislation of Ukraine can participate in the promotion;

    2.3 To take advantage of the promotional offer, you must make a subscription fee from the date of connection (recalculation is made for the days of use of the service until the end of the month at the promotional price) and for the next two months of use of the service at the promotional price in one payment;

    2.4 After the expiration of the promotional tariff plan subscription fee will be charged on general conditions, according to the cost of the tariff plan «Hype-Giga»;

    2.5. Subscribers, who selected a promotional tariff plan, cannot change the selected promotional tariff plan to any other during the promotional period;

    2.6. If the subscriber cancels the services during the period of the promo tariff plan validity, the money paid by the subscriber for the services are not returned and are considered as the payment for the actually provided services. 2.7;

    2.7 The cost of connecting, changing the cable, switching to a faster rate plan is 1 UAH;

    2.8 The cost of connecting, replacing the cable, the transition includes setting up subscriber equipment (Wi-Fi router);

    2.9 During the period of getting the service under the terms of the action the subscriber has no opportunity to temporarily suspend the service (port support);

    2.10. It is possible to use the «Giguy Hypo» action only once;

    2.11. Connection, change of cable, the transition to a higher rate tariff plan is carried out within 7 working days from the date of application.

    2.13. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the action unilaterally.

    3. Faults:

    3.1 The conditions of the promotion shall not apply to potential users who by the time of application to the customer service center were previously subscribers of SC «Adamant», and have a debt to the Company for the services provided earlier until the debt is repaid;

    3.2 The promotion does not apply to subscribers residing in the private sector;

    3.3 Connection, cable replacement, migration to a higher tariff plan shall be subject to the provision of access to the racks with a weak current, which may be behind the tambour door.