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Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have updated your personal account!

  • 23.01.2023, 08:10
  • 6823
So, meet the new web version of the personal account for Adamant network users. Now it’s much easier to pay for services and monitor your account balance. We made sure that the updated account was convenient, modern and functional. Therefore, we have significantly expanded its content and these are not the last changes, so be sure to follow the news.
Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have updated your personal account!

Find out what’s new in your personal account:

  • HOME: The home page displays all information about the current status of the account and the user’s personal data. You can also change your account password instantly if necessary.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: Notifications about all important changes of the operator will be displayed here. You will always be aware of the most important events related to the Internet from Adamant.
  • CREDIT: If you are unable to pay for the Internet service on time, in such cases, a 7-day credit is available. The cost of this service is: 0 UAH. The service is available between 1 and 7 days of the month. You also undertake to pay for the services for the current month in full, in accordance with your tariff plan.
  • SWEET TV: Access to television, Ukrainian movies, world movie hits, cartoons and the best TV series at favorable rates. You can connect all this in the updated personal account.
  • ONLINE PAYMENTS: You can replenish your account online without commission using IBOX or EASYPAY.
  • PAYMENTS: Controlling your recent payments has become much easier. You can always view the date, amount and balance of each payment.
  • REMINDERS: You can activate the SMS reminder service to remind you of your payment. A reminder will be sent to your phone number 2 days before the service is due, 2 days before the credit expiration date, and 5 days before the available freeze days are exhausted. You can also easily disable the service. The cost of the service is 5 UAH/month.
  • SPEED TEST: Now you can easily check the speed of your Internet connection. You don’t have to download any special apps or programs. We have made sure that a fast and accurate service for checking the Internet is available to you at any time.
  • CHANGE RATE: In this section you can change the tariff yourself if you are not satisfied with the current conditions.
  • HELP: You can send any question to the technical support service via live chat. We will provide a quick response to your request. In the help section, you can also view the status of previous requests.
  • DOCUMENTS: All the most important documentation will now be stored in one place and will always be available to you.

Our updated Personal Account is already available at this link. Go ahead and see its benefits.

To log in to your personal account, you must use the login and password that were created when you connected. In case of loss, please contact the support service to restore it.

Sincerely, Adamant Group of Companies.
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