Do you believe that corporate information is worth more than the cost of equipment?

It’s a time to think about how to build a reliable network for your company!

Your new corporate network will provide:

  • Corporate IP telephony
  • Corporate email
  • Distributed Data Warehousing

  • Videoconferencing
  • Managed Internet access for employees
  • Centralized hardware and software information protection, granting data access

  • Other telecommunication services

Security above all!

Your corporate network should be as closed structure as possible with the highest degree of protection, to which external access is completely prohibited or highly restricted, and the internal access is restricted with information access authorization using administrative, hardware and software tools and procedures. To ensure data protection in your corporate network, we recommend using various organizational and technical methods:

  • appointing of responsible specialists
  • access control lists
  • VPN use
  • other methods.

A reasonable combination of methods will create a complex system of information protection for your corporate network

You are still not sure what to choose?

We have all the necessary state licenses to perform information protection operations

To ensure protection of special users (e.g., banks and financial institutions) against existing information threats, Adamant has built a high-speed secure network separated from the company’s own commercial network, as required by regulatory and technical acts and Ukrainian legislation, which is duly certified by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.