Our secure Internet access host will keep your data safe!

The Internet access hosting provides guarantees protection of information resources and data flows

Secure Internet access hosting from Adamant

Adamant’s secure Internet access hosting is built on modern telecommunication equipment in compliance with the current regulatory requirements for technical protection of information. Security is provided by hardware-software access level, aggregation and kernel.

  • virus protection

  • protection against DDoS attacks

  • traffic cleaning for mass-scale attacks

  • monitoring of regular traffic to detect various application layer attacks

  • other types of data monitoring and filtering

Following the state expert review in the field of technical protection for comprensive information security system, Adamant secure web access hosting has been issued a certificate of compliance, which confirms that the secure web acces hosting system meets the requirements of the normative documents of the system of technical protection of information with the security profile {ЦА-2, ЦВ-1, ЦО-1 , ДР-1, ДВ-1, ДС-1, ДЗ-1, НР-2, НИ-1, НИ-2, НК-1, НО-2, НЦ-1, НТ-2, НВ-1} and T2 correctness guarantee level. The certificate of conformity was registered by the Administration of the State Special Communication of Ukraine on December 24, 2019 under 20986..

We provide:

  • protection of transit and hi-tech information that is stored, processed and transported through the secure Internet access host against unauthorized access, destruction, modification and blocking

  • access separation for clients, admins and maintenance personnel to information resources on the secure Internet access host

  • blocking of unauthorized actions with technological information (related to administration and management), as well as transit information

  • creation of multilevel protection of information of secure Internet access host from unauthorized access

  • registration of any attempts to execute information threats and notification of the security administrators ofunauthorized actions